About Us

Sara Coconut Hybrid Seedlings Farm

Welcome to Sara Coconut Hybrid Seedling Production Farm, where the lovely plant coconut (Cocous Nucifera) belonging to the family called “Arecaceae” is being scientifically bred to produce Hybrid Seedlings.

Sara Coconut Hybrid Seedlings Production Farm is subsidiary unit of ATP Coconut Gardens, Situated in Anaimalai, Pollachi otherwise known as the “Coconut City”. The farm is a 105 acre property cultivating genetically pure coconut varieties namely West Coast Tall, Tiptur Tall, Gangabondam Dwarf, Malayan Orange dwarf, Malayan Yellow Dwarf, Malayan Green Dwarf, Chowghat Orange Dwarf, Chowghat Green Dwarf.

85 years of dedicated experience in coconut farming has made us learn the importance of high yielding coconut varieties.